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Motorcycle Audio

Since 2008, Ecstasy Audio in Nanaimo has been a specialist in Mobile Electronics and one of our growing categories is Motorcycle Audio.

We understand how loud pipes and open air can pose a challenge while cruising on the road listening to your tunes. The factory stereo systems installed in most bikes lack the sound quality and depth that you may be accustomed to in your car.  

First things first. When you come see us, we aren't going to talk about a custom paint job for your  Harley Davidson or an engine upgrade for your Honda either. What we do is Motorcycle audio upgrades and we can help you with a basic upgrade or a full concert on wheels.

One of the many things that separates us from the competition is our attention to detail and complete system design. We will look over the bike with you and listen as you explain to us the details about your bike - how often you ride, how long are your trips, what kind of music you like to listen to etc. and take that information to design your custom system to suit your needs.

The sound stage of a motorcycle is unlike anything else on the road and the equipment goes through a lot of environmental abuse such as dust, moisture and vibration. This is why we have partnered up with brands such as Alpine Electronics and Rockford Fosgate to give you the best sounding and most reliable products available.

When installing your equipment, we solder and heat shrink all connections and use marine-grade hardware and create organized and neat wiring looms that mount securely for reliability, safety and easy servicing in the future. We take special consideration on all aspects of your bike and in particular the current draw on your electrical system are factored in so you don't get stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

So if you are considering in getting better sound in your bike, ride on over to Ecstasy Audio and we'll help you design a louder, high performance sound system with all the latest technologies.

Give us a call 250-713-8810 to set up an appointment.